International Accreditation

We have a network of recognized and leading accreditation bodies as partners. With their expertise, networking, and services Biznode Global Pvt. Ltd. contributes to the implementation of quality education through its partners by promoting the internationalization of higher education.

Education Consultation

Helping higher education institutions reimagine the future by designing and implementing strategies that improve student outcomes such as graduation rates and100 placements, enhancing operational and administrative performance, and ensuring financial sustainability.

Edu sales Consultancy

Biznode is a leading education industry consultant. We help companies like yours expand their businesses with strategic planning and intelligent execution, from developing sales plans to meeting sales goals. We understand your needs, whether it is assistance in designing marketing strategies, or direct sales. Simply put, we know the education market. And our education industry consultants are ready to put our knowledge to work for you.

Edu Summits

Our educational Summits seeks to engage educational leaders from across the world in conversations framed around issues and challenges facing education today and through that dialog, develop action items that are based on research evidence. These Education Summits are also designed to empower students with an opportunity to engage with leading educators. . We primarily focus on teachers, teaching and the teaching profession, learning and skills for life, work and sustainable development, digital learning and transformation and financing of education.

Edu Management Consulting

Biznode as a Education Management Consulting firm, creates institutional effectiveness By employing smart, data-driven strategies. We can move the institutions and training academies from a plain surviving to thriving mode– be it in operational efficiency, student enrolment, success, engagement and retention, technology transformation, and solidifying organizational leadership.

Education enhancement workshops

Our Education Enhancement workshops are focused on supporting outstanding education and student experience and operational excellence. Our Education Enhancement workshops are created for any students with an interest in Education. It is a gateway into all things related to Education and aims to equip individuals with valuable skills linked to a career in Education. The Education Enhancement workshops are inclusive of all members and welcomes students from other non-education courses.

Professional Development Programs

Achieving success in your career requires ongoing training and education, which is where professional development comes into play. We provide training, certification and education that a worker needs to succeed in his or her career.The purpose of our professional development program is to give professionals the opportunity to learn and apply new knowledge and skills that can help them in their job and further their career. We provide opportunities to learn, increase your skill sets, and stay up-to-date on industry trends, professionals like yourself increase your own worth while also adding to your company’s overall value.

Fostering Edupreners

Edupreneurs are simply educators with an entrepreneurial mindset and approach. They may teach, coach, facilitate, train, create, develop, publish, build, market, or share using their own knowledge, experience, and expertise in education as an invaluable primary resource. Edupreneurs are often self-employed, readily available for hire, and work remotely with creativity, innovation, solid education technology skills and have a strong social media presence for marketing and connectivity.Under our Edupreneurs program wing we offer a powerful experience of development of one’s own capacity to function as an entrepreneur in the field of education using experiential learning and methods of active learning that acknowledge the specifics of adult education.


Biznode entrepreneurship programs provide training for students, faculty, researchers and business leaders to drive positive, disruptive change to society by building scalable enterprises. These programs teach entrepreneurial leadership, strategy, venture financing and startup skills. The entrepreneurship program provides students broad, intellectual, practical skills, demonstrating the ability to apply knowledge and concepts related to: identifying business opportunities, evaluating ideas, assessing and exploring the markets. Additionally, students will develop a business model canvas and pitch their business idea.

Our Partners & Clients

Partnership and collaboration is one of the core foundations of Biznode. We collaborate across a diverse ecosystem of partner organizations initiate a shared value and innovation: